May Month of Peace

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The City of Mount Rainier alongside local organization, Little Friends for Peace (LFFP), has established May to be a Month of Peace in Mount Rainier. 

In an effort to promote peace throughout the City, Little Friends for Peace has supplied a peace calendar with exercises of peaceful thinking and actions.  

peace calendar

LFFP also offers free Virtual Peace Circles Monday through Friday at 3:00 PM EST,  11 AM circles on Monday's for Seniors as well as a 2nd Peace Circle for Adults on Wednesday's at 7:30 PM. Each week the focus is on an LFFP Peace Tool in hopes to bring peace practices to everyone during this difficult time.


LFFP Co-Founder and Executive Director has summarized what these virtual circles have been like over the last few weeks. It is beautiful to see LFFP building community through Virtual Peace Circles. Read their blog here!


If you are interested in joining one of LFFP's circles, please sign up here!  

For more information, please visit