Curbside Leaf Collection

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Collecting leaves reduces potential accidents and injuries caused by slipping on wet leaves and prevents storm drains from clogging and causing street flooding during heavy rains.

Each area will be scheduled for two collections. Please see attached map to determine the scheduled time for leaf collection on your street.

Department of Public Works thanks residents for their patience with leaf collection, which may be affected by rain and winter weather events.


curbside collection schedule 

Curbside Leaf Collection Guidelines

  • Please rake leaves into the street before your street’s collection period. Rake leaves into piles at the curb. This enables crews to move more quickly and efficiently

  • Do not include tree limbs, bricks, dirt, rocks, and other debris with leaves, it will damage the equipment and delay collections

  • Remove stones, litter, branches or other debris as these items can damage our equipment and hurt workers.

  • Avoid placing leaves in front of storm drains

  • Move parked cars off leaf piles for collection

  • Do not rake leaves into alleys or service roads

curbside map