Tree Maintenance

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The City of Mount Rainier requires at least one of two types of tree permits when individuals seek to remove a tree or perform work that impacts a tree within the boundaries of Mount Rainier.

1. Tree Impact Assessment. A tree impact assessment is needed before performing pruning of live branches, regrading, or construction work that impacts urban forest trees.

2. Tree Removal Permit. Whenever an urban forest tree is to be removed a Tree Removal Permit is required. Tree Removal Permits are granted through the Tree Removal Application process.

Please see the individual sections of this page for details on when a Tree Impact Assessment, Tree Protection Plan Agreement, or Tree Removal Permit are needed.



About the Urban Forest

Adapted from Mount Rainier Municipal Code Chapter 12B Urban Forest: An urban forest tree is a tree in the City which:

A. Measures 54โ€ inches or more in circumference at four and a half above ground level, also known as diameter at breast height (DBH), measures 18โ€ or more at DBH*; or

B. Is required to be planted or maintained, pursuant to governmental order, agreement, stipulation, covenant, easement, or a tree protection plan, or as a condition of issuance of a tree permit.

The urban forest includes trees on private property. For more details review Section 12B of the Mount Rainier Municipal Code in its entirety. 



Tree Permit Fees 

  • $50.00 permit fee for Tree Removal (healthy trees or nonhazardous) or request for a Tree Impact Assessment (Pruning)
  • $25.00 waiver fee โ€“ Tree Removal Application (for trees that are dead)



Tree Permit Staff

Rocio Latorre

Roadside Tree Care Expert

(301) 985-6583