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Mission Statement:

The Mount Rainier Police Department is committed to a policing model of Community Policing. To that end, the Mission is to work in partnership with other city departments, the residential and business community, and other governmental and non-profit agencies to reduce crime, provide a sense of safety and security and improve the quality of life for those who visit, live, and work in the City of Mount Rainier. Community Policing is both a philosophy and an organizational strategy that allows the police department and the community to work together in order to address crime, the fear of crime, social disorder, and blight. It is a service oriented and personalized style of policing which emphasizes ownership, problem solving and a proactive partnership with the community.

We will show "our" community we value them by exhibiting the following behaviors:

Respect - We will treat all citizens with dignity and respect. We must model this behavior internally first before we can display it externally. 

Teamwork - Teamwork is the foundation of our organization. We are professionals who have undertaken a noble profession and we must work together like professionals. That means everyone contributes to advance our goal of providing outstanding customer service to the citizens of Mount Rainier.

Selflessness - All members of the department are public servants. As such we must put the needs of our community above our own. That means adapting our organizational goals to meet the needs of an evolving community. We must hold ourselves accountable to meeting the needs of our community.


Vision Statement:

Through innovative thinking and goal setting, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service to our community.  We will continue to strengthen community relationships and public trust while striving for excellence through employee development, self-discipline, and strong leadership.

S = Selflessness - We will put the needs of our community above our own and strive to improve the safety and security of all residents within the City of Mount Rainier.

E = Effort - We will come to work every day focused on our agenda to reduce crime and improve relationships with the community we serve. To that end we must be prepared to maintain an excellent standard of performance

R = Resilience - We will treat everyone with dignity and respect, be open to asking for help when we need it, be mindful of the needs of others, train on high risk topics to build the sort of internal resiliency needed to make it through our chosen profession of Police Officer.

V = Valuable - Every employee matters, and to that end the organization will invest in every employee to ensure that a standard of training and professional development is maintained.

I = Initiative - As an organization we will work with our residents, the business community, and other key stakeholders to problem solve issues within our community and implement programs.

C = Competency - We must ensure through training and internal controls that we are committed to employee performance to enhance the organizations growth

E = Ethical - We will operate at all times with integrity and principles. We will do the right thing, at the right time, and in the right way.



3249 Rhode Island Avenue

Mount Rainier, MD 20712




Chief of Police 

Anthony Morgan 

Phone: (301) 985-6580

Email: amorgan@mountrainierpd.org


Assistant Chief of Police 

Linwood Alston

Phone: (301) 985-6580

Email: lalston@mountrainierpd.org