Financial Documents and Budgets

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Financial Documents 

The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of financial statements in accordance with GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board); this includes the design, implementation, and maintenance of internal controls and fair presentation of financial statements that are free of material misstatements. The documents below include the most recent internally generated financial documents.

City of Mount Rainier Fee Schedule FY2020

FY20 3rd Qtr Financial Reports 


Budget & Ordinances

The Finance Department is also responsible for the compilation of the budget documents to be adopted by the City of Mount Rainier. The most recent annual budget documents below include the budget book. The City Council holds a series of meetings, work sessions, and public hearings to discuss the budget. Residents are encouraged to become involved in the budget process by attending the work sessions and addressing their comments to Council at the public hearings. 

Adopted Budget FY 2016

Adopted Budget FY 2017 

Adopted Budget FY 2018

Adopted Budget FY 2019

Adopted Budget FY 2020

Approved Budget FY 2021



FINAL 6-30-2018 Issues Financial Statements

FINAL 6-30-2017 Issued Financial Statements

FINAL 6-30-2016 Issued Financial Statements


Financial Memos

Audit Update Memo

Financing Memo 

Check Signing Memo 

Financial Status Memo 

FY2019 YE Analysis Memo 

FY2019 YE Analysis Memo 2