Code Enforcement

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The Code Enforcement Division is responsible for performing field inspections of properties to ensure compliance with applicable building, zoning, safety, nuisance codes and ordinances. Code Enforcement Officers conduct both proactive ad reactive inspections of property to ensure compliance with these standards. It is the goal of the Code Enforcement Division through public education to direct your attention to any existing code violations, which could have a negative impact on your property, neighborhood and the City of Mount Rainier as a whole.


What is Code Enforcement’s Role in Improving Your Community?

  • Enforce state statues and local ordinances
  • Improve the life of our citizens
  • Improve the overall image of the community infrastructure
  • Address complaints
  • Proactively implement ways to improve code enforcement
  • Work closely with neighborhood associations
  • Provide educational material
  • Encourage citizens to appear in court as an ally
  • Help to maintain and increase property values


City & Civilian Cooperation 
The City works with residents to correct conditions that violate City of Mount Rainier Code. Residents who receive either a Notice of Violation or Citation are encouraged to contact the issuing Code Enforcement Officer to discuss the matter.

Reporting Code Violations 
Residents who see conditions in their neighborhood that may be violations of the City Code are urged to contact the Office of Code Enforcement.



One Municipal Place

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Phone: (301) 458-5103