Code Enforcement, Permits, Business License

Division of Code Enforcement

The City of Mount Rainier administers Code Enforcement to assure compliance with local ordinances concerning residential and commercial property standards, rental housing, and apartment licensing, as well as business licensing.

Director, Department of Code Enforcement

Mark S. Davis

Office: 301.458.5103

Cell: 240.319.9652 


One Municipal Place

Mount Rainier, MD 20712   


There are two full-time inspectors that work from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

City & Civilian Cooperation
The City works with residents to correct conditions that violate City of Mount Rainier Code. Residents who receive either a Notice of Violation or Citation are encouraged to contact the issuing Code Enforcement Officer to discuss the matter.

Reporting Code Violations
Residents who see conditions in their neighborhood that may be violations of the City Code are urged to contact the Office of Code Enforcement.

Code Enforcement Department

Alma Ferrufino  

Administrative Assistant


Often the resident may find that the City is aware of the problem and action is pending. If not, an inspector will respond to the property and take appropriate action. Staff in the Office of Code Enforcement will provide residents with the status of a condition as requested.

Confidentiality of Reports
Callers reporting possible code violations may identify themselves, but identification is not required. All concerns reported will be investigated in confidence and appropriate action taken.

City Code Ordinance

Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement Division
, Prince Georges County Department Of Environmental Resources

9400 Peppercorn Place, 1st Floor
Largo, Maryland 20774

General Permit Information: 301-883-5776
Plans Screening: 301-883-5880 ​
Business License Office: 301-883-3840
Automated Inspection Requests System: 301-883-5390
Inspection Issues: ​301-883-3820  

City of Mount Rainier Permits

Building Permit Application – Updated 2016

Dumpster & Temporary Storage Permit- Updated 2016

MtR Sidewalk Cafe Permit Application – NEW 2016

Tree Assessment Request Form

Tree Permit Application
Fence Permit with Ordinance
Noise Permit
Outdoor Event Permit
Permit to Cut Right of Way
Yard Sale Permit

Property Registration

License Applications

Mixed Use Town Center Application 

Town Center Guidelines and Application – For businesses located within the MUTC zone only.


All Businesses seeking a sign permit please contact DPIE
Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement Division