The city of Mount Rainier, population 8,080 is located 4 miles from downtown Washington D.C. and is the historic Route 1 gateway community from Prince George’s County to D.C. at the District’s northeastern boundary. Mount Rainier is primarily a residential community with 1,100 single family homes and three large apartment developments constructed in the 1940s. Renter occupied housing is 68% of total housing.


Mount Rainier 1st to initiate ACOZ Plan

Plan to serve as a solution to McMansion concerns


The Prince George’s County Planning Department—supported by the consultant team, Cunningham Quill Architects—invites interested residents and property owners to join us in developing an Architectural Conservation Plan in the City of Mount Rainier.

            The purpose of the plan, along with its accompanying design standards and overlay zone, is to help preserve and protect the architectural and historic character and scale of the city’s single-family neighborhoods by promoting context-sensitive infill, additions, and renovations.

            The Mount Rainier Architectural Conservation Plan and associated overlay zone will be the first of their kind in Prince George’s County.

            This project will create an Architectural Conservation Plan for the Mount Rainier Architectural Conservation District to include:

·         a physical and historical description of the district;

·         an architectural survey and building inventory;

·         a user-friendly, highly visual pattern book to provide guidance to homeowners, architects, and contractors; and

·         supporting design standards.

    For more information on this project or to sign-up to receive future announcements, please visit our website at or contact Zunilda Rodriguez at Stay tuned for information about our upcoming community meetings in the Fall. We look forward to your participation!