Office of the Mayor

Mayor Malinda Miles  
Phone: 301-985-6585

Mayor Miles is a retired employee of the National Education Association (NEA), and Prisoners Aid Association of Maryland, Inc. (PAA). 


While employed with the NEA, Mayor Miles was responsible for Employment, Affirmative Action and other 

matters relating to the recruiting, hiring, and retention of employees.  As the Executive Director of the Prisoners Aid Association of Maryland Inc. (PAA) a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of ex-offenders, in Baltimore City Mayor Miles secured more than 3 million dollars in funding to support developmental programs for the agencies participants.  Mayor Miles is the single parent of four adult children, the grandmother of sixteen, and has been a resident and community activist in Mount Rainier since 1968.

A graduate of St. Augustine College, Malinda Miles received a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Government with a minor in Political Science. She went on to complete Masters programs at both Howard University and Antioch School of Law focusing on Administrative
Management and Labor Law respectively.

Her aspiration to ensure that the school system provided adequate and equal education for both her children and the children in her community led to the beginning of her political career. She became an active member of School District 3’s PTAs, and in 1980, won the primary in her race to represent parents and children at the School Board level. It is her belief that “education is a lifelong process, and is the key to success.”

In 1982, Mayor Miles was elected to the Democratic Central Committee where she served for four years and chaired the Affirmative Action Committee appointed by the Central Committee to govern full minority participation in the delegate selection process for the presidential election. At the end of her term in 1987, she turned her attention to the city of Mount Rainier; her community, where she became the first Black female to represent the citizens in Ward 2 – a position she held successfully for three additional terms (’93-’95, ’95-’97 and ’03-05).

Mayor Miles is affiliated with a large variety of professional organizations and associations that support the advocacy for privilege challenged, inclusion, equal education, civil responsibilities and the revitalization and betterment of the community.

It has always been important for Malinda Miles to participate actively in the development of Prince George’s County. In the past, she has been an integral part of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) committee and was instrumental; alongside other committee members, in bringing Mount Rainier into the community development process after the Mayor and Council of Mount Rainier opted out. Improvement which included the roads and highway in Bowie and Laurel, street paving in Mount Rainier, the Chillum recreation center and other capital projects throughout the county paving the way for much of Prince George’s current economic development.

Mayor Malinda Miles is a successful business executive with experience and knowledge business operations, financial management, policy development and implementation.  She has strong ties to the community and believes in revitalization and education. Mayor Miles believes that planning and revitalization in Mount Rainier should be inclusive of its residents, and City borders. She has effectively represented the citizens of City of Mount Rainier, Maryland throughout the State of Maryland.

Since becoming Mayor, Malinda Miles has served in a number of capacities on the Prince George’s County Municipal Association (PGCMA), including president and president emeritus.  She has served on the Maryland Municipal League (MML) as vice-president of district 9, board member, and currently as secretary on the executive committee.  Mayor Miles is currently the President of the Maryland Mayors Association (MMA) representing the 157 mayors and two special zoning districts in the State of Maryland.

Other leadership positions held by Mayor Miles include president of the Maryland Black Mayors Association, and secretary and vice-president of the Prince George’s County Municipal Elected Women Association.  In addition, Mayor Miles has served on the Prince George’s County Cable Commission and several other bodies working to improve the livelihood of Marylanders.

Mayors Reports

Mayor Malinda Miles reports can be read on her website and blog.