Board of Elections (BOE)

The Board of Elections was established with the charge to oversee the election procedures.and the voting rights within the City of Mount Rainier.

2015 Meeting Minutes:

MRBOE – Minutes 2-22-15

MRBOE – Minutes 2-25-15

MRBOE – Minutes 3-3-15

MRBOE – Minutes 3-20-15

MRBOE – Minutes 4-2-15_

MRBOE – Minutes 4-7-15

MRBOE – Minutes 4-27-15_

MRBOE – Minutes 5-1-15

MRBOE – Minutes 5-5-15

MRBOE – Minutes 5-10-15

Design Review Board (DRB)

The Mount Rainier Design Review Board (DRB) is established to advise and assist the Council on design-related issues including but not limited to, fence, retaining wall, public plantings, construction proposals, building alterations, and regulations of design issues.  Members of the DRB consist of five (5) City residents who are appointed by council with at least one member being an architect.

Mixed Use Town Center (MUTC)

The Town Center Design Review Committee is the official name given to a group of municipal representatives, residents, and business/property owners who review applications for, and make recommendations on, exterior renovations and new development in Mount Rainier’s Mixed-Use Town Center Zone. This zone extends along Rhode Island Avenue from the city limits at Eastern Avenue into the 3400 block, and along 34th Street from the 3700 block into the 4000 block; it also includes part of Bunker Hill Road.

The Green Team

The Mount Rainier Green Team works to create a healthier, more livable and sustainable city for the residents, businesses and community can achieve sustainable outcomes through community participation. They team works to leverage the energy and leadership of the residents of the City to decrease their environmental footprint and create a better future for all.

Meeting Minutes:

March 11 2014_Agenda_Minutes

April 8 2014_Agenda_Minutes

June 10 2014_Agenda_Minutes

July 8 2014_Agenda_Minutes

October 13 2014_Agenda_Minutes

November 10 2014_Agenda_Minutes

January 13 2015_Agenda_Minutes

February 9 2015_Agenda_Minutes

March 9 2015_Agenda_Minutes

May 18 2015_Agenda_Minutes

August 12 2015_Agenda_Minutes


Tree Commission

The City of Mount Rainier Tree Commission advises and regulates the planting, maintenance, and removal of street and park trees in public places.  The Tree Commission consists of at least five (5) and no more than seven (7) members, all residents of the City of Mount Rainier, appointed by the Mayor with approval of City Council.

City of Mount Rainier Urban Forest Chapter of the City Code rev 10/2016

Mount Rainier Tree Inventory

Tree Commission website: Visit to get information on the tree commission, announcements of upcoming meetings and events, and minutes from past meetings


Parking Task Force

The charge of the Parking Task Force is to study the City’s current parking situation and future needs; providing the Mayor and Council with short and long term recommendations for both off-street and on-street parking. 

Recreation Committee

The Mount Rainier Recreation Committee aims to facilitate multi-generational recreational opportunities in the areas of sports, appreciation of our natural environment and the arts. The committee supports the work of activity specific recreational committees and ad hoc interest groups as needed. The Committee is the steward for the City of Mount Rainier recreational resources insuring that residents have full access and take full advantage of our neighborhood treasures.