Economic Development



To lead the transformation of the City of Mount Rainier into a Regional “Business-Friendly Destination” that supports and cultivates strategic partnerships to build economic prosperity and diversity, and a better quality of life for its business and residential community


  1. SERVE as the Professional Economic Development arm of the City’s management team, that support and manage the development and revitalization efforts, events, and programming in the Mixed-Use Town Center (MUTC) zone, Queens Chapel Rd. Business District, Arts District , and Industrial areas.
  2. SUPPORT the City’s Economic Development Committee and liaison for the business community, to plan, implement, and manage the City’s Economic Development Strategy and Work plan.
  3. LEVERAGE local and regional funding opportunities and partnerships to implement projects and priorities adopted by the City Council.
  4. DRIVE Business Attraction and Marketing efforts.
  5. CULTIVATE Business Retention and Expansion opportunities
  6. PROMOTE the Place Branding and Destination Marketing Strategy for the City, the Mixed-Use Town Center (MUTC) zone, Queens Chapel Rd. Business District, the Arts District, and Industrial areas.
  7. DEVELOPMENT of Infrastructure critical for business activity


 About Us

Samantha Olatunji, AICP

Director of Economic Development


Economic Development Committees

Mount Rainier Economic Development Committee

Mount Rainier Economic Development Workgroup

Mixed Use Town Center Design Review Committee

Workgroup documents

ED Strategy SWOT FINAL 612015

City of Mount Rainier “Business Friendly” SurveySurvey Open

Community Stakeholder Assessment Questionnaire

“Why Mount Rainier?” Market Survey


Community Partners

Mount Rainier Business Association  (MRBA)

Gateway Community Development Corporation (GCDC)

Art Lives Here Media Campaign ( GCDC program)



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