Town Center Design Review Committee

The Town Center Design Review Committee is the official name given to a group of municipal representatives, residents, and business/property owners who review applications for, and make recommendations on, exterior renovations and new development in Mount Rainier’s Mixed-Use Town Center Zone.

This zone extends along Rhode Island Avenue from the city limits at Eastern Avenue into the 3400 block, and along 34th Street from the 3700 block into the 4000 block; it also includes part of Bunker Hill Road.


Application Review Process

Step 1: Read Mount Rainier Guide for Applicants (MUTC)

Step 2: Read MUTC Zone Design Standards and Guidelines: Full Version

Step 3: Submit MUTC_Application to Design Review Committee

Step 4: Replacing/Installing new sign – DPIE-SignPermitApplication


View/Download Entire MUTC  Zone Development Plan online