Commercial Business Districts

The City of Mount Rainier has four major commercial business districts (CBDs) within the city limits (see map above).

Rhode Island Avenue (Route One) remains as a major historic gateway to Maryland and northwest Prince George’s County. It is a commercial corridor for neighboring communities as well, including the Woodridge area of Northeast District of Columbia to the west and the Town of Brentwood to the east. Businesses along both Rhode Island Avenue and 34th Street, therefore serve both a local and regional market. The buildings within this area are both single-use and mixed-use in a range of forms including single storefronts with apartments above, single-story storefront blocks, single-use and multi-use one and two story buildings. Rhode Island Avenue and 34 Street business districts are located within the City of Mount Rainier Mixed Used Town Center Zone Development Plan. Overall, there is about 84 operating businesses in the City of Mount Rainier. 

Other Business Districts and Business establishments located in the City

  • 29th Street
  • 35 Street
  • 36 Street
  • 37 Street
  • Arundel Road
  • Buchanan Street
  • Bunker Hill Road
  • Chillum Road
  • Eastern Avenue
  • Oak Lane
  • Otis Street & Wells Avenue – Industrial/Arts Cluster
  • Newton Street
  • Queens Chapel Rd – Business District
  • Varnum Street – Business District


Meet Your Local Business – Video Series

produced by MRTV in collaboration with the Office of Economic Development

July 6 2015 Video Interview w/ The WaterHole and DCVegan

 Top: Lisa Harris, Owner of The WaterHole on 34 St.
Bottom Top: Lean Curran Moon, Co-owner of DC Vegan Catering, food available in The WaterHole and Union Kitchen,DC


Adinkra Cultural Arts Studio (3802 – 3808 34 St)



Local businesses contact the Office of Economic Development today to showcase what you have to offer! 

 Events & Media Release 

Weekly Harambee event @ The Water Hole featuring DC Vegan at 11 am, Sundays