The City of Mount Rainier, population 8,498, is located 4 miles from downtown Washington D.C. and is the historic Route 1 gateway community from Prince George’s County to D.C. at the District’s northeastern boundary. Mount Rainier is primarily a residential community, with a vibrant pedestrian friendly business district and home of the Gateway Arts District.  See all we have to offer!

City News

  • 02.24.2015 Community Toolshed Open House – March 1!

    It sure doesn't feel like spring right now, but the Mount Rainier Community Tool Shed will soon be open for the season. So when you need a lawnmower, pruning shears, caulk gun, bolt cutters, wheelbarrow, or any of 120 other hand and power tools, you're in luck! If you're a Mount Rainier resident, yo... More info »

  • 02.24.2015 Joe’s Movement celebrates 20 years!!

    Join Joe's Movement as they celebrate 20 years in the City of Mount Rainier! Congratulations to Brooke Kidd, Art Advocate of the Year and the entire organization! We invite you to participate with Joe's in celebrating all of the activities and events throughout the year!    For additional... More info »

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Alerts / Updates

  • 02.20.2015 Purchase a Home in Mount Rainier

    Come out to refinance your loan or qualify to purchase a Home in the City of Mount Rainier!  The Department of Housing Community Development is hosting an upcoming event to answer your questions regarding many grants and financial incentives towards the purchase of a new home.  Real Estate Agents ... More info »

  • 02.20.2015 City of Mount Rainier — Door to Door Solicitation

    Safety is key for the residents in the City so please ask for the Permit! In the City of Mount Rainier is a requirement that all vendors soliciting door-to-door to our residents must have a permit.  Feel free to ask them for the City issued permit when they arrive at your door.  Safety is key to... More info »

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